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Self storage security

It pays to look for a secure storage facility that has comprehensive security systems in place to keep your possessions safe, because incidents of theft and vandalism have been reported at self storage facilities.

Self storage facilities now have video surveillance security systems that include security cameras and digital video recorders. They have special types of gates with electronic devices, and sophisticated access control systems. You can opt for storage units that have individual storage alarms installed.

Don’t keep high-value items like jewelry, antiques, currency, furs, and art collections in a self storage unit unless it specializes in handling high-value items.

Hazardous and combustible items like gasoline, fireworks, matches, propane, paint, and acid are not permitted in a self storage unit.

Perishable items and plants are not permitted because they can attract pests and rodents, which can damage the other things that are kept in the self storage facility.

Thieves look for a storage unit that can be opened quickly and easily, so use a strong storage lock that does not have an exposed shackle, which can be cut or pried open.

Expensive items should be stored at the back of the storage unit so people will not be able to see them when you open the door. Check your self storage unit at least once a month to make sure that everything is in order. Arrange for adequate self storage insurance coverage for your possessions.

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