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Auto transport Many people after researching several Auto transports and car shipping options are in a confuse state as to what to do and which one to take. However if they have had clear plans right from the start then they wouldn’t have so confuse. So when you are researching you should already know what you want and decide accordingly. Here are some easy steps that you could adopt to make your shopping for auto transport company easy.

The Price: the first question you would probably ask is how much would it cost. So make sure here that you ask for the total cost and the bottom line figure. They will ask you many questions about Pick up point, drop off point, Departure date, Vehicle model and type, the kind of transport you want like door to door, terminal to terminal or any other special services like enclose transport. Keep all these answers ready before hand so that you can get the bottom line price. Once they tell you see if you want it or not and then you can process accordingly.

The Payment: Most Auto transports do not ask for any advance payment but some may ask for a deposit. This deposit can range anything from 10% to 25% of the shipping cost. Make sure you have this amount ready in cash or check when you go to fix up with the shipping company. The remaining payment will collect at delivery and sometimes you can expect a surcharge in some form at this time.


The contract: the contract is given to you after you give the payment. Here are some thing to remember, when you spoke to your Auto transports company you might have mention about some specific things you want or they might have agree doing something extra for you. Make sure that such things are mention in the contract. In case of any complaints you can refer to the contract. Do not agree anything with the shipping company on verbal terms. Since you have to pay in advance also make sure that there is a clause in the contract that mentions that if the car has not  pick up on the set time and date within reasonable limits than you have the right to cancel the agreement and are entitl to receive an entire refund.

The Insurance: The insurance company should give you a complete insurance that guards you against thefts, damages while your car is with the Auto transports company. Even if the shipping costs include the insurance costs you should still ask a copy of the coverage terms so that you can read and understand and agree with it. Ask for hidden costs like if there is a deductible you need to pay when there is damage and if there is then how is is?

The date of pick up and delivery: The Auto transports company should give a reasonable estimate of time for pick up and delivery of the car.