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Home Improvement

A home improvement project requires a lot of planning and you need to have a clear idea about what your hope to achieve before you approach an architect or contractor.

Look at home improvement sites and magazines about home improvements to get ideas.  You can also get some great ideas by visiting some home improvement stores. Write down every home improvement idea so you will not forget it.

If you make sketches, it will be easier to explain your ideas to architects and contractors. Keep all the paperwork related to your home improvement project in a folder. 

Think about whether your home improvement remodeling plans will fit in with the design of the other homes in your neighborhood. Keep future requirements in mind, because it is much easier and cheaper to add on a door or window while you are remodeling a room rather than to do it later.

An architect or designer can help you to convert your ideas into plans that can be executed within your budget. You can ask the architect or designer to supervise the project and to hire a contractor.

An architect or designer may be required if you are not clear about what you want done, or if detailed plans are to be submitted for review. You may need to hire an architect, designer, or engineer to ensure that your plans comply with relevant codes and requirements for durability and safety. Your local building inspector’s office will advise you about this.

Architects and designers may charge you an hourly rate or ask for a percentage of the total cost of construction. Ask architects and designers to show you home improvement pictures of previous projects completed by them. Compare the offers of different architects and designers and call up references before you make a selection.

Home improvement financing is an important consideration and you may have to reduce the scope of the project so that it remains within your budget. You can also arrange for a home improvement mortgage to finance your project. Keep a margin of about 20% over the estimated home improvement cost to cover overruns.

Obtain bids from at least three home improvement contractors for exactly the same job. Choose a home improvement contractor with a good reputation instead of making a selection based only on the lowest bid. Ask for a copy of the contractor’s license and insurance policy and call up references before you decide.   

The house improvement contract will clearly define the scope of work, the equipment and materials to be used, the starting date of the project, the expected completion date, insurance, warranties, arbitration, and payments. Read the contract carefully and make sure you understand it before you sign.   

Open communication with your contractor can help you to build a relationship based on mutual trust.

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