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Moving insurance

Moving insurance

Moving insurance can cover any loss or damage to your possessions while they are in transit. Normally moving companies provide limit coverage that is known as valuation, which  limit to as little as 30 cents to 60 cents per pound of weight per item.

Valuation is not insurance, and it may not cover even a fraction of the value of an expensive item. You can ask the moving company about the valuation terms, which will  mention in the Bill of Lading.

In most cases your home owner insurance policy will not cover household possessions in transit, though you can ask your insurance agent about this. You will probably need to get moving insurance coverage, which is provide moving companies at an extra cost.


You can get insurance coverage base on the weight of your possessions, or opt to have your possessions insure on the basis of a lump sum value declare you.

You can also opt for all-risk insurance coverage that will pay you the current replacement value of any item that is lost or damag in transit.

All-risk insurance provides the highest level of protection, though there some minimum coverage requirements and deductibles. You will have to provide a detail inventory that includes the value of each item.


It is essential to check the inventory made  the move company before you sign it. Check your possessions at the time of delivery and if any item is missing or is damag, mention it on the inventory before you sign it. Report any additional losses to the moving company as soon as possible.

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