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Moving to college Of all the transitions we go through life – from teenager to adult, from single to  married, sometimes from married to a divorced state, etc., perhaps tone of the most positive transitions of our lives is when we move from school to college. To many this phase remains one of the most memorable for reasons more than one. New found freedom, making some of the long lasting relationships, mind and eyes opening up to a whole new world of knowledge and wisdom – moving to college means so many things to so many people.

Though it is a planned transition, excitement runs high in the family which is perhaps equal to the numb feeling of slight apprehension and depression  separate from your parents and siblings. You are getting in to the ‘adult’ phase of your life and everything has to happen right.


Of all the issues you and your parents have to handle at this critical juncture, the last thing you wish to worry about is how to relocate to college, without any hassle or overt expenditure. Since the trip does not involve many complications, and your personal goods should minimal, moving to college should a simple task.

Moving to college for many students mean relocating to another city that is far or even moving away from one state to another. If you are thinking of renting an apartment, you will need to carry more things than a student who will  living in a hostel or sharing an apartment with someone who is already settled. The right decision when you are thinking of moving into an apartment is to take the help of a professional moving company.


The first step in this direction is to locate a professional moving company who operates between your home town and the town where your college is located. Finding such a moving company can  done through the internet or your local phone book. However, if you want to doubly sure regarding the reliability of the moving company, your best option would  to talk to someone who has used the company’s services in the recent past.

This way you will not only have an idea of their rates but also have a fair idea of their service standard. In case you can not get a friend or colleague to refer you to a moving company, the internet is your best friend. Search and take the moving quotes from at lest 3 companies to check and compare the rates as well as services.

There are many issues which you must cross-check with the moving company which include the range of services which they are ready to offer at the rate which they are asking. For instance, would they help you with the packing and unpacking of goods? If yes, how much would they be charging? Once you have talked to a few moving companies, you will gradually understand the way these companies operate.


In all likelihood, you will not need a very large truck to transport your goods – but if you are thinking of carrying your car or bike along with you, talk to the moving company regarding any extra cost of a trailer, if at all necessary. Sometimes, cars and bikes can  transported along with your personal belongings – which make it very simple to unload and start living your normal life at the college.

Moving to college should  a smooth experience if only you know what you have to do and how to do it. this is one of the most interesting phases of your life that you are entering. Nothing at all should happen which disrupts the normal course of things – including moving.

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Moving to college
Moving to college should be a smooth experience if only you know what you have to do and how to do it. this is one of the most interesting phases.
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