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Insurance & Liability

Moving insurance & liability coverage are essential because your valuable possessions can be damaged or lost while they are being moved. Moving liability insurance coverage is needed when your move is being handled by a moving company and also when you are moving your things yourself.  

Residential movers are required to provide valuation or Released Value Protection. This is a contractual liability that moving companies assume. It is not insurance.

Valuation is provided without any additional charge. It is based on the weight of the items being moved and may be limited to $0.60 per lb per item. It will cover only a small part of the value of your possessions and you will need additional coverage.

You can get a higher level of coverage from your house mover by paying an additional amount or buy moving insurance from an insurance company.

Your home mover can provide additional coverage based on the weight of your possessions or on the lump sum value of your possessions as declared by you.

The highest level of coverage provided by professional movers is Full Value Protection, which pays for repair or replacement of items that are lost or damaged. You will have to meet the minimum coverage value requirements and some deductibles will be involved.

Homeowner’s insurance policies may provide coverage for items not on the premises, which is limited to 10% of the value of the policy. It can be used to supplement the coverage provided by the household movers.

You can also buy moving insurance from an insurance company, which may be cheaper than coverage provided by a moving company. Insurance coverage will include Acts of God, storms, earthquakes, floods, rioting and civil commotion, etc., which are excluded in coverage provided by movers.

Insurance companies have standardized claim settlement procedures and a moving insurance claim is settled by claim adjusters, not by employees of the mover or forwarder.

You can buy moving and storage insurance that will cover your possessions if they will be in storage for some time and will be handled by more than one moving service.

If you are moving expensive items like antiques, have their value assessed before the move and arrange for additional moving insurance coverage for them.

Check you belongings as they are unloaded at the destination. Report any loss or damage immediately and make a note of it on the inventory before you sign it. You can file a claim in writing within 9 months.

Please fill out the form provided on this page to get free move insurance quotes from the most trusted insurance companies. Your contact details will not be provided to anyone without your authorization. This is a free offer and there are no commitments involved at all.


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