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Self Service Moving When it comes to moving to a new house or apartment, there are many options. There are factors that affect your method of moving such as price, delivery time, and distance. The latter, distance, is what usually affects the price and delivery time the most, as well as the amount of items to be moved. In no time, using a professional moving company can become very expensive whether the move is across town or across the country and so, many people choose self service moving in lieu of choosing a professional moving company.

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Self service moving could consist of renting a moving truck, packing it yourself and then, driving it yourself. Most generally, however; when someone refers to self service moving, they are not necessarily referring to Your self being the “self” in self service. Self service moving is a great option if you want to pack all of your own items yourself but you don’t have the means or don’t want to be responsible for transporting your own goods to your new home. Then, you would consider using a self service mover! It is a good idea to contact these companies and research their policies, prices, guarantees, delivery times, insurance rates and so forth, prior to reserving one. There are many options to consider when choosing a self service moving company and their representatives are generally very helpful and polite. They understand the need for you to understand everything and more importantly, trust that your belongings will arrive on time and in the same condition. Usually, they will offer references for you to check with. Don’t hesitate to call these references and ask what type of experience they had with the self service mover you are researching! But don’t just stop there; contact local Better Business Bureaus and research with the FTC, too, since the transport of household goods is one of the unregulated (or very loosely regulated, at best) industries. Once you have chosen a self service mover, they will set up a date and time to deliver a container or trailer to your home. You will have a set amount of days to get it packed and loaded to your satisfaction. Then, on the designated date, a driver from the self service moving company will arrive to pick up the container or trailer and it’s off to your new home! The driver from the self service moving company will then deliver the container or trailer to your new home and you will have a pre-designated amount of time to unpack it. When you’re done, give the self service movers a call, and they’ll come get their container. That’s it! The entire move done by you, which saves tremendous amounts of money, with none of the headache of the actual transport!



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