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Moving Truck Rental

Moving truck rentals are a very popular way of moving today! Many individuals leaving home to go off to college; moving to or from their first apartment; moving into a new home or into a bigger home; or business moving excess inventory, equipment or files to a storage unit choose to use a moving truck rental company instead of a professional mover or something as amateur as a personal vehicle.

There are advantages to moving truck rental over the use of professional movers, for sure! One advantage of renting a moving truck is that it is generally far less costly than using a professional mover. Obviously, you’ll have to pack all of your items yourself and if something gets broken along the way, it is no one’s fault but your own, sadly. But, even if you choose to not have a professional mover pack your items; ultimately you know what it pack with what and which box to look in at your new destination. (A key to all of this efficiency and organization is properly labeling your boxes after they are pack and secur or by taping a digital photo of the contents of the box to the outside.) It dramatically reduces the cost if you pack your own items.


Moving truck rentals are also less expensive than professional movers because you do all of the loading and unloading yourself. This costly addition can increase a professional moving estimate dramatically. If for some reason you can’t load or unload the truck yourself, many moving truck rental companies maintain lists of local people who are willing to help load or unload for a much cheaper fee than that of a professional mover.

Fuel costs are much cheaper, despite the size of the moving truck you rent, than that of a professional mover. Generally, a professional mover almost always uses a full-size semi-trailer and that is very costly when it comes to moving. And, by renting your own moving truck, you know exactly when you items will arrive at your new destination. Often with a professional mover, your items have to go on the “tail end” of another load going in the same direction, which can delay delivery sometimes up to 30 days or more!

The biggest advantage to a moving truck rental that you are responsible for is just that; YOU are responsible for it! You know everything was pack securely; despite a deposit (which is refundable when you return the truck), the cost is much cheaper; and the driver isn’t such a bad guy or gal either! Everything arrives safely and you save a little bit of dough! Good choice!