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2 Weeks prior to move

Preparation for moving – 2 Weeks prior to move

Preparation for moving 2 weeks prior to move ought to include cleaning out your basement, attic, and closets. Ask your mover for a list of items that are not permitt, and discard hazardous materials like ammunition, fireworks, aerosol cans, acid, and matches. Drain the fuel from your power equipment, and get rid of propane tanks.

Make a moving out checklist and refer to it frequently. Inform the moving company if there are any changes in your schedule, and if you need any additional services like packing and moving storage. Confirm arrangements with auto movers and pet movers, if applicable.

Explanation of Mover

If you have not made bookings with a moving company, do it immediately. Obtain moving quotes in writing from at least three movers and call up references to make sure that they have a good track record. Check to see if the service providers are license and insur.

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Make arrangements with a service technician to have your appliances disconnect and prepare for shipping. Have your car service if you are planning to drive to the destination.

Clear out safety deposit lockers. Clean out all your gym and school lockers, and make arrangements to cancel newspaper and other regular deliveries. Transfer all your prescriptions to your new city of residence.

Arrange to have the value of antiques appraise. Gather all important documents like bonds, deeds, wills, and insurance policies, and carry them with you when you move.


Have draperies and rugs dry clean and leave them in their wrapping while they are  ships.

Inform utility companies about your move, and arrange to have utilities disconnected as soon as you move out.

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