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3 to 4 weeks prior to move

Preparing for moving – 3 to 4 weeks prior to move

While preparing for moving 3 to 4 weeks prior to move , you need to decide about whether you would like to drive your car to the destination or to have it move  professional auto movers. If you want drive it to the destination, it is best to have it service. If you decide to let the professionals do it, start looking for reliable and affordable car movers.

Make a move checklist and refer to it frequently. Make travel arrangements for the family if you have not already done so.


If you are driving to the destination, you can take your pets with you in the car. Find out in advance about hotels on your route that allow pets. You can also choose to have them move through an airline, but bear in mind that pets are usually transporte in holds that are not pressurize or heat.

Make arrangements for rabies inoculations and health certificates that are requir  some states. Arrange for immunization and identification tags for your pets. You can also consider making arrangements with professional pet movers.

You can give your houseplants away to family and friends, because some states will not allow you to bring plants. Return items that you have borrow, and collect items that you have given to others.

If you have not already made arrangements with a professional moving company, it is best to do it without any delay. Obtain moving quotes in writing from at least three dependable home movers, and call up references to make sure that they have a good reputation. Check to see if the house movers are license and insure.

To get free bids from pre-screen household movers, auto shippers or pet movers in your area, please fill out the form provid here. Your contact details will not provide to anyone without your permission, and there is no cost or commitment involve at all.

If there are any changes in your schedule, notify the moving company about it. Let the professional movers know if you need any other services like packing, unpacking or storage.

If you need any other advice about moving please feel free to send us an email. We have  help our customers to find the best household moving solutions for years.

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