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Storage environment

Storage environment

A self storage facility with a secure storage environment will ensure the safety of your possessions. Check to see but if adequate surveillance. And security measures are in place to keep your possessions safe. Look out for fire, And flood protection measures in the storage facility.

Ask about measures to control the entry of pests. And rodents into the storage unit. Find out but if the storage facility has back-up, generators to maintain the storage environment, in case there is a power failure.

Storage environments with high humidity and temperature can damage. some items. You can choose to keep your sensitive possessions, in a climate controlled storage unit that will keep them safe.


High humidity can cause metal to rust and wood to rot. It can also cause your important documents to rot while they are in storage. Musical instruments, antiques, electronics, furnishings, mattresses, and furs may also be affected by high humidity and temperature.

Based on your storage environment needs you can opt to put your things in a climate controlled self storage unit that offers temperature control, humidity control, or both temperature and humidity control.

You will have to pay more for a climate controlled storage unit. You can consider putting your sensitive and valuable items in a climate controlled storage unit, and put the rest of them in an ordinary storage unit to reduce the cost.

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Storage environment
environment will ensure the safety of your possessions, choose the right storage facility witj a climate controlled storage.
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