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How to Pack

How to pack

It pays to take time to learn how to pack properly to ensure that your valuable possessions will  safe while they are  move. Learning about how to pack can help you to save a lot of time and money.

Buy new high-quality moving boxes and packing supplies and start packing non-essential items as soon as you decide to relocate. Packing becomes much easier if you pack a few boxes for moving every day.

Most suppliers of packing supplies boxes offer free shipping if you meet their minimum order requirements. So look for a supplier who is willing to buy back any unuse packing boxes.


You are able to get a better deal but if you buy all the packing materials you need in one place as a moving kit. A kit will include the essential items require to pack the things in a home with a certain number of bedrooms.

You can compare the moving kits offere on the websites of different suppliers. As you customize your kit, its cost will  re-calculate instantly. Get some extra packaging boxes so you will not fall short while you are packing.

Pack heavy items in small boxes, which are easy to lift. Light, bulky items can  pack in large moving boxes and light, bulky items that are very large can  packe in extra large boxes.

A variety of specialized packing cartons are available for shipping items like posters, dishes, microwaves, electronic equipment, lamps, and office files.


Stick color coded labels on the shipping boxes to ensure so they are placed in the right rooms in your new home. List the contents of each box on the label.

Find out about the things that are not meant to  pack, which includes hazardous and flammable items, perishable items, plants, important documents, and valuables. Carry important documents and valuables with you when you move.

cardboard moving boxes to the top, but avoid filling them beyond their capacity. Fill any empty spaces with crushed packing paper. You can also use newspaper to pack your things, though the ink may rub off on some items and on your hands.

Pack essential items like toiletries and kitchen utensils, which will  need as soon as you move in to your new home separately and write “Open First” on the label.

Delicate items like china and wine glasses need to  pack individually with packing paper and bubble wrap. They can  cushion with soft items and the box should have a label that says “Fragile.”

Clothing can  pack and store in wardrobe boxes. Flat items like pictures and mirrors need to  pack in flat carton boxes and kept in a vertical position.

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