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Items Not To Pack

Items Not To pack

If you are planning to do your own packing. You need  know about what items not to pack? Important papers and valuable items, including those that have a lot of sentimental value. Should not pack. Some items like exercise equipment need to  pack  professional packing services.

Contact your moving company to find out about what not to pack? This includes flammable, corrosive, poisonous, or explosive items. Some of these items are car batteries, poison, acid, charcoal, fertilizer, paint, thinner. Matches, nail polish and remover, ammunition, aerosols, kerosene. Fireworks, gasoline, pesticides, load weapons, propane tanks, and cleaning fluid.


Normally, perishable food items and plants. That may rot or die on the way are not permit. You can consume perishable food items before you move and give away your plants to family or friends. Defrost your fridge and freezers at least 24 hours before the move and leave the doors open to allow them to dry out. This will help to prevent mold and odors.

The moving company may accept perishable items if you are moving to a place that is less than 150 miles away, which can  reach within 24 hours. In this case, perishable items that are pack properly and do not require any care on the way may  accept to the carrier.


Do not pack important papers and valuable items like airline tickets, address books, financial statements, keys, check books, files, photos, personal video tapes, furs, medicine, bonds, deeds, tax records, school records, jewelry, letters, stocks, computer backup disks, computer software, and collections of stamps, art, and coins.

These items are not accept moving services and they assume no responsibility for them if they are pack without their knowledge. Such items may not hazardous, but they can create a big problem for you if the shipment is delay or lost on the way. It is much safer to carry such items with you when your relocate.

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Items Not To Pack
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