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Best Self storage restrictions

Self storage restrictions

Most self storage facilities have storage restrictions, that are meant to protect the self storage warehouse. And the items that are place in it.

The self storage restriction list is very similar to the list of items. That are not permitt  moving companies. Some items have to  appropriately pack  professional packers. Before they can  place in self storage units.

The storage company will provide you with a list of items that you cannot put in storage. This will help you to avoid a situation, where you are not allow to store something. That you have brought to the self storage facility.

Avoid storing very valuable items in a self storage unit. Unless the facility specializes in storing high value items. Items like currency, jewelry, furs, cameras, antiques, coin collections. And art collections should not  place in storage without consulting the storage company.


Storage companies don’t permit hazardous or combustible items to  store. This includes propane tanks, gasoline, acid, paints, aerosols, fireworks, matches, batteries, chemicals, oil, and pesticides.

Most facilities will not allow you to store firearms and ammunition. Illicit and stolen items are not permitt  all self storage facilities.

Perishable items like food are not permitt, because they attract pests and rodents. Plants are not permitt due to the same reasons.

It is best to look for self storage locations that are close to your home and are easily accessible. Find out if you can access your self storage unit freely, without any charges. Look for a secure self storage facility that has adequate surveillance and security measures in place to keep your possessions safe.

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Self storage restrictions
The self storage restriction list is very similar to the list of items that are not permitted by moving companies. Some items have to be appropriately.
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