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After moving

After moving

After moving, you can settle down in your new home and enjoy exploring your new city of residence. You can find out about the best that the city has to offer and have a good time with your family.

After you move in, find out about shopping areas near your new home and make arrangements for essential services like telephone, cable television, and newspaper delivery.

Join a local library, register to vote, and transfer your insurance policies to your new agent after moving or move in. Find a new doctor and dentist, and transfer your medical records to them.

You need to  present at your new home when your possessions are delivered. If it is not possible for you to  present, make arrangements for a responsible member of your family to there to take delivery of your belongings.

Explanation of move in

You will  informed about the expected time of arrival of the moving truck. However, it is your responsibility to keep in touch with the destination agent of the moving company to find out about when the truck will  arriving, in case you cannot  contact. If you are not able to take delivery during the free waiting period, you will have to ask for extra waiting time.

Check to see if any items are damaged or are missing, as the truck is unloaded. Mention any missing or damaged items on the inventory sheet, and sign only after everything  unload.

Find out about the payment terms of the moving company. You may asked to pay in cash at the time of delivery.

After you move in, you can sleep on the floor and eat out until you have unpacked your things. Don’t try to unpack everything in a single day!

While unpacking after a move, it is best to unpack the moving boxes that contain items meant for the kitchen and bathroom first. Unpack the boxes that contain things for the living room next, and then start with the bedrooms.

Collect all bills and receipts relating to your move in a folder. You may  able to claim a moving expenses tax deduction.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail if you need any advice about what to do after moving. We will help you to find the best moving services and solutions!

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